Our Waterless™ Geothermal Systems are proudly made in America and introduces an innovative geothermal technology that focus on heating and cooling comfort while featuring the best efficiencies in the market today. 

Its intelligent design is simple, efficient, and effective while offering reliability and sustainability you can count on.


Less Parts


Greater Savings


More Heat

Up to








Cost Savings

Waterless™ DX Geothermal Systems offer 100% heating and cooling capacities through our single heat exchanger (the ground.) This can results in significant savings over other Geothermal Systems. 

Less Parts

The simple yet efficient design is technician friendly. The patented Waterless™ Geothermal Design is created with less parts than any other heating and cooling system on the market. 

Free Hot Water

Waterless™ DX Geothermal provides heating, cooling, and FREE Hot Water!


Waterless™ DX  Geothermal Systems are proudly made in the USA with a focus on quality design and craftsmanship.

Quiet & Reliable

Units are usually installed indoors, protected from the outdoor elements. With no outdoor fan and an insulated and enclosed cabinet it operates very quietly.

Increase Property Value

Improve the property value of your home by using green building products, like DX Geothermal.

Decrease Environmental Footprint

Geothermal heat pumps use less electricity and produce fewer emissions than conventional systems, resulting in reduced air and water pollution.

Ultimate Comfort & Humidity Control

The Waterless™ Geothermal Design is one of the best in year round indoor comfort and has unrivaled humidity removal to provide a comfortable atmosphere all year round.

Minimally Invasive Installation

The diagonal ground loop design has one of the smallest footprints available, requiring only a 3 ft. circle allowing it to be installed even in urban settings.

Tax Credit Rebates & Incentives

Our Geothermal Systems qualify for Federal, State, and Local rebates and incentives!

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If it doesn't use Water...then what does it use?

Waterless™ DX Geothermal is the only geothermal system that DOES NOT USE Water. But, your savings DOES NOT need water to grow!

Our Waterless™ DX Geothermal system is so effective that it produces MORE HEAT size for size than any other geothermal system on the market. The intelligently designed Waterless™ Geothermal uses refrigerant ONLY, instead of water. NO Water, NO Antifreeze, just environmentally friendly refrigerant.

​This makes the system much more effective because heat from the ground is directly transferred to the refrigerant in the copper ground loops.This results in more heat being collected from the earth, allowing the system to have shorter run times which returns MORE SAVINGS to you! Click Here to Learn More


Copper Loops transfer 600 times MORE HEAT!

Waterless™ DX Geothermal Systems use a series of copper ground loops that are buried underground. Copper has highly conductive properties that is 600 times greater than polyethylene plastic loops that are used in Standard Water-Source Geothermal Systems. Using copper has been shown to be a much more efficient solution, because of the one less heat exchange it goes through. This has been recognized by many experts, including the EPA,

“The use of refrigerant in copper pipes as a heat exchanger appears to have an inherent efficiency advantage over antifreeze solutions and plastic pipe, making them even more attractive from an energy- efficiency standpoint than a traditional GHPS (Ground-Source Heat Pump System).” – EPA’s Stephen Offutt

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Experience Less Problems with Less Parts

Waterless™ DX Geothermal Systems have a simple design, with much less parts since there is NO WATER used through out the system. 

Since, it doesn’t have any water in the system it eliminates the need for water-related pumps, motors, and electronics. Because a DX Geothermal System doesn’t rely on these parts the Waterless™ DX Geothermal system relies on LESS electricity and is likely to have MUCH LESS problem. Click Here to Learn More